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A top down 2D space trader/action RPG/sandbox, focused on creating a unique experience for each player, with changes in the galactic economy and overall balance of power being driven heavily by player action. Join an existing faction and turn the tide of the ongoing war, or start your own and make a push for galactic dominance. Be a smuggler, a bounty hunter, a peaceful trader, or a seasoned military officer - or anywhere in between! 

Inspired heavily by games like Elite and the classic Escape Velocity series.

Stellar Nomad is often quite serene:

But sometimes, it's not:

This is just a slice of what the final game will be, and it's almost entirely devoid of story right now. I've been working very hard to get the sandbox elements working correctly, and I'm pleased with the progress. But you will find bugs, you will experience unbalanced progression, and you will experience combat that's overly difficult at the moment. All that being said, I still feel like this is a pretty good representation of what I want the game to be.

I'm glad you asked! I'll be supporting this version (bugfixes mostly) for a short time, then continuing on towards the early access release version of the game. The demo will stay available! I'll be adding hundreds of star systems, dozens more ships and weapons, and more generated mission types. There's also quite a few features planned, like fleet morale, and officers you can hire onto your ships to give them certain bonuses in combat, trading, or a variety of other perks. There's tons of UI functionality and refinement to be done as well. Within the next couple of weeks, I plan to add a paid version of Stellar Nomad that is the game in it's latest, greatest, buggiest state, and anyone who purchases that version (or donates the equivalent amount or more) will be granted the full version of the game, forever.

Donate if you want, but don't feel obligated - I'd rather you just played the game!

If you are experiencing terrible framerates in some systems, go to the options menu and disable nebulae. I'm working on a more performant way to do them but for now, just turn 'em off.

Control remapping and gamepads are not yet supported but both are planned, hang tight!

Install instructions

This project is in a pre-alpha state, and is only here to give you a feel for the full vision of the game. Many things are not yet fully implemented (or not at all in some cases) and the map is quite small at the moment. But you can still trade, fight, run missions, or even join a faction. 

Download and unzip, run StellarNomad.exe to play.


StellarNomad - Win_v0.2.3.zip 124 MB

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Decided to take a Ferry Civilians Mission after the tutorial, jumped into an unknown system on the way to my destination, found out it was a warzone, instantly blew up in the crossfire, killing myself and the innocents on-board. 10/10. Having fun.

Also I don't think you can sell cargo to a system unless it can also be bought in that system, tried taking Warhead Guidance Computers to a system listing it as highest price only to not see the option to sell them there.

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thanks for checking it out! You are correct, at the moment you can only sell stuff in systems that also sell it, but I'd say the trading system overall is still a bit undercooked. The prices and distribution of goods is essentially random, and eventually it should be a bit more logical and you should be able to sell anything anywhere.

 You can use the inventory tab of the in-game menu to mark the best known price (you only know prices on planets/moons/stations you've previously landed on) for cargo you're carrying on your map, to make trading less about guesswork.

I do also have some plans to reduce the likelihood of getting insta-wrecked on jumping into a system, mostly by making sure the player spawns somewhere that's relatively open and not right on top of a firefight. I may even mark systems as warzones even before you've discovered them, to at least warn you to maybe route around them

ohhhh I just re-read what you said about trading - you probably didn't land on the planet in the system that sells them. Each planet/moon/station has a different selection at different prices


Love these types of games. This one looks promising, although I haven't played much of it due to random systems being incredibly laggy and I am unsure of what is causing this. 

Thanks for checking it out! I almost guarantee it's the background nebula assets tanking your frame rate - I can add an option to the menu to disable them until I get a more performant solution :)

If you redownload, I've added an option to disable nebulas in the options menu, which you can access either from the title screen or in-game by pressing escape, then clicking the button labeled 'options'. Hope that gets it running better for you :)