Project Status Update

Just wanted to let everyone know this project is still going strong despite a lack of updates in the last couple of weeks. I'm adding a bunch of new features, and integrating some middleware so the updates are coming a bit slow.

Stuff in the pipe for 0.3:

  • Control Remapping. This won't include gamepad support yet, but that's on the roadmap!
  • Overhaul of audio system
    • I'm integrating wwise into the project on the recommendation of the sound designer who is working with me. Currently all audio in-game is broken cause I know nothing about wwise, but it won't stay that way for long.
  • Ship mods
    • Items that can boost various stats on your ship, like top speed, acceleration, weapon range, shield strength/recharge, etc. Basically every stat is moddable already, but I'm hooking up a UI and a sensible way to manage your modifications
  • In-system events
    • More stuff going on than just AI ships milling about and occasionally fighting eachother. Events will include, but not be limited to, large scale battles, disabled ships calling for assistance, anomalies to investigate, and a variety of other things to keep the moment to moment gameplay more interesting
  • Making the current stealth system accessible to players (likely via ship mods)
  • Sensor interference, reducing the range at which ships can see eachother
  • Rework of the FTL system
    • Currently, you just need to be a fixed distance from the central star to jump
    • In the new system, you need to be a certain distance from the star, based on its mass, as well as clear of every planet/moon/station in order to jump.
    • Effectively, you're able to leave a system sooner in many cases, but you're not able to just jump directly off a planet anymore.
    • The gravity wells of each body that's currently blocking your FTL is visually represented so you can see where the closest point is to jump to FTL

It's shaping up to be quite a large update; stay tuned for more info as it comes!

Also, I was a guest on the Space Game Junkie podcast, so if you're interested in hearing more about the state of the game, where its going, and what my plans for 1.0 are, feel free to give it a listen! There's also more than a few recommendations for some other awesome space games, so check it out :)

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